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1. Download our APP

Our app is it availabe for Android and IOS.

You can download our APP in Play Store searching “IVACK” or though the next link: 


Log in: For this one you need your email and password. In case of not being resgistered, first you must sign up. You will receive an email to confirm. 

Keep in mind that in order to sign up it is necessary that the company has completed its registration process. Otherwise you must finish registering the company. 

Flyer Hot Sale Minimalista (4)
3. New expense

With “new expense” you will be upload and digitalize new tickets, invoices or mileage.

You will look the operation is very intuitive and simple.

When you save an expense it’s digitized and you can consult it whenever you want. 

4. Look the expenses

Access though the lower menu of the main screen to view all the upluaded expenses. 


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