This is how the IVACK portal works

Access to online portal

Use your email and password to log in after you sign up. 


Feel such as home

From the section of “home” you will be access a brief summary with graphs and metrics of your expenses.


How much I've spent?

From “My expenses” section, you can access to your tickets, invoices and recorded mileage. 

Within this panel we will find the following options:

Edit: To view a ticket and edit the ticket information. 

Post markup: To mark that a ticket is posted. First you must select what expenses you want and then click the button.

New document: To raise a new expense individually. JPG. format only. 

Massive ticket upload: To raise new expenses massively at the same time. JPG format only. 

Download ticket: For download your ticket or invoice. 

Export: For export the list of expenses to excel. 

Close period: It is only necessary to close a period in case of tax inspection. In these cases you must be closed the period of all the expenses for the correct digitization. If you close the period, you will not edit another data. Contact us for more information.


How much VAT have I recovered?

In this section you can see and download all the invoices that we have recovered about your tickets.

Within this panel you can find the next options:

Download marked invoices: Permit us download in PDF all the invoices that we have previusly selected.

Export to Excel: Permit us download in Excel the invoices list.


IVACK section

In this section you can view and download all the invoices that we emit for our VAT recovery services. 

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How the
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