Recover VAT oF all your expenses


We convert yours tickets in invoices


You have tickets of your expenses but you don’t have your invoices


Take a photo of your tickets with the Ivack’s APP


Ivack contact with the company of the ticket 


We send you the invoice by email.


Recover your VAT about all your expense tickets 


Without paper tickets 

You will only pay for those invoices that we recover the VAT

There aren’t fixed costs, so there isn’t risk!

Recover more VAT without investing time


Define administrators

You can divide your expenses by departments

You will have access to statistics graphs

Export to an Excel all the expenses of your company


Make it easy for your costumers to obtain invoices. They will only have take a photo of their tickets

Access to ALL your expenses of your clients

Integrate services to recover the VAT without direct cost.

If you recommend us to your clients, you will have benefits

Como recuperar el Iva de los tickets

Access from any device

Upload your tickets with a photo

Leave all your tickets registered

View your uploaded expenses


You can consult all the tickets presented

Mark your counted tickets 

Separate expenses by department or person in your company

Analyze the amount of total VAT recovered

Technological processes

  • Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AI (Artificial Intellegence) technology permit us to extract the data and digitalize your tickets and invoices.
  • We also have a personalized service for reviewing and consulting the data of your tickets to guarantee the greatest recovery of your VAT. 

Data storage and management

  • All our data is stored on servers located in the EU (European Union)
  • Manage and control your data and the data of your workers through our portal and app.
  • You will can export the data to excel

Control and security

  • All our passwords and data are encrypted to prevent hackers.
  • Data is transferred over HTTPS using TSL 1.3 
  • You will be able access your employes data safely and with stable connections

Adaptation and homologation

  • Our services are homologated by ‘La Agencia Tributaria Española
  • We adapt to SII (Suminister immediate information)
A software of expenses to recover the VAT of all your tickets

Savings, time
and mobility

With Ivack's APP all your employees can photography their tickets and forget about keeping the receipt physically. A software approved by the AEAT. They will avoid the loss and deterioration of the proof of expenses.

and benefice

Enterprises can recover since the last 4 years of VAT on theeir receipts, providing them with an increase in their treasury and EBITDA without risk.


We offer our clients the best technology and an automatic ticket reading system based on Artificial intelligence and OCR.

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