IVACK was born in the  summer of 2020 with the purpose of make things more easy to autonomous and enterprise. Not only in a business sense also in personal. Since 2020 begun to grow as a business, making time, savings, innovation and security more enjoyable for all customers. 

If we look ahead, we are aware that isn’t easy and especially new challenges, but we don’t know what fear is. 

We are going to do our best to be the tool that makes your life easier as an entrepreneur, offering an effective services of recover VAT. We  are going to adding news complements such as an APP where you can save all of your tickets and view your expenses always. 

Nowadays we really want offer the best effective services to our clients, we want to differentiate by turning the extraordinary into something ordinary. Helping our clients and environment.

In IVACK we convert:


What we are saying with this?

We want that enterprising  see that something extraordinary, outside of the day-to-day, such as recovering the VAT on your tickets for the last 4 years becomes something ordinary, normal, habitual and easy in all your days. 


Facilitate the process of recovering VAT from businesses.


Expand nationally and internationally.


<<Transparency, social and environmental responsability, quality, adaptability, passion and excelence>>


Part of the world thinks that to grown up the enterprise, you have to be barbaric, but we don’t. There are a lot of methods which the final results are excellent. 

For this reason, we have created some tools that combine efficiency, profitability and security to help companies grow more everyday recovering VAT from their tickets. So the companies don’t have to worry about any of their tickets. 


Ivack’s vision is to increase brand awareness differents services that facilitate the recovery of VAT of our clients, so contacting and obtaining invoices from your suppliers will be something simple and effective.

Continuously improving the customer experience with different approaches to expand our tools nationally and Internationally. In addition to improving user satisfaction, helping to make processes profitable in a almot automatic way. 


Transparency, social and environmental responsability, quality, adaptability, passion and excellence. 


We present ourselves as we are. A Startup with a very dedicated and young team that seeks to act under a solid and moral criterion.


We seek to contribute to society by trying to create employment, as well as the integration of minorities into the labor market. We want to make the market aware of the importance of having an open mind to changes that favor the environment such as “#ZeroPaperWaste”. 


Above all, we want our clients and their suppliers to see us as a partner and not just a service provider. For this, we make a great effort to offer the best quality to our clients adjusting to their needs, as well as seeking a fair service. 

We know that for ticket issuers we suppone an important workload, so we seek to oofer the best personalized solutions with them, algo trying to adapt to their needs.


Companies can’t turn their backs on the changes that are happening around them and therefore one of the most relevant values of our time is adaptability.

We are in continuous training to adapt to changes and needs. 


There is no better partner in a business than the passion of your activity. We like what we do and we fight every day to improve.


Ivack cares about the environment, wich is why we dediced to plant a tree for each CO2 emission that we impact on the ecosystem.

We are a digital company, which is why we have to work with computers every day and that affects our environment a lot externally, so as founders of the company we decided to compensate in some way.

So, we decided to found something with Tree Nation that would compensate at large levels, automatically offsetting all the CO2 emissions generated by our website. Tracking the use of our website. Tracking the use of our website, calculating your emissions and the system plants the necessary trees to offset these emissions. 

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